Laketime – April

Since I’m on Laketime now, I’m veggin’ at the Lake and watching sunsets.

The skies are ever changing here.

X marks the spot.

Lots of neighbors are returning and dogs get along well with Ryder. So he’s loving it as well.

He likes guarding the lake grass.

I have a new grandson. Jeff and Vandi had Baby Jack on April 1. He’s adorable.

Will have our first visit on June on my way to Girl Camper outing in Columbia NJ. Another state to add to my map!

Happy trails!


  1. Jan,
    Middle Bass has had a lot of rain during the past month, and Chuck doesn’t want me to go until the flooding had subsided. He said the garden needs to dry out before I can plant. I understand from my cousin who lives in Port Clinton that there has been a lot of flooding there.
    I took a class at Mount Carmel last month about downsizing, and I’ve been cleaning out closets, etc. St. Vincent dePaul will be opening a thrift shop in Columbus around December 1, and half of my basement is full of stuff to send there. Our community has a community wide garage sale in June, we are hoping to unload a lot of stuff at the sale.
    Your grandson looks adorable! I hope we can get together sometime this summer at the lake. I’ve been making reservations for our “Trip Out West.” We are planning to leave from Port Clinton on September 1, and the trip will be for three weeks or more.
    Enjoy the lake! I’m missing it.


    1. Yes I will show you the mud I got stuck in right outside my camper. I will send it in an email since I can’t attach pictures in these comments. Good for you on the downsizing!


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