Dog on the loose!

Well it happened for the 2nd time. I’m getting a leash and Ryder runs between my legs and takes off.

He always ends up running towards the Lake. Since there is a break wall there, he cannot go in but he peeks his head over because he knows it’s the end of the road for him.

I ran around a lawn chair and scooped him up because I didn’t have the leash with me because I took off the catch him.

I snagged him and called him a bad dog all the way back to get the leash.

Of course, I just got in groomed and so he decided to roll in the rabbit poop and hang out by the break wall.

Anybody want a dog? Ha

Just kidding…even though he does try my last nerve.

We’ll see how long this cherry blossom shampoo lasts.

Happy trails.


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