I’m such a slacker!

It is either the Lake life breeze or the sunshine that keeps wanting me to stay on the porch.

I know I should be in here sewing or cleaning or finding everything I can’t find, but is just so nice not having to be anywhere and just enjoy my surroundings.

I did sign up for a seminar that is a week long that explains the ins and outs of working on the road.

That thought has been crossing my mind. I am trying to decide what I should do for work if I decide to work on the road. Hum??

I dragged my sewing machine across the country so I could sew. But then that means dragging all the fabric also.

So then I think well maybe I could be a virtual assistant and do word processing on the road. But then I would have to be assured of a Internet connection at every place I camped.

Ryder is already so bored with me now because I sew all day or listen to music and seminars.

He doesn’t even lay in the cooling bed that I bought him.

Maybe I could make a YouTube channel for just this dog. He is pretty darn funny to watch.

Well while I ponder the idea of working on the road, I will take him for a walk since hes been so good all day.

Weather at the Lake has been beautiful and I’m getting my itchy feet back to travel.

Looking to leave again in October. Rest up Ryder.

Happy trails.

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  1. Jan, I was hoping that we would be able to meet sometime before you leave. I am now home, in Westerville for a few days. A few of us went to the Happy Together Concert held at the fair, it was great. Bob Gale, Bob North, Margaret Mosure Butler, me and spouses and guests. Well worth the $25.

    Chuck and I are leaving on September 1 from Port Clinton for a 19 day camping trip. Headed to South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and back to MBI on Friday, September 20.
    We are still having issues with flooding on Middle Bass, and Chuck and I have not been able to drive our car on our street due to flooding. It’s been a horrible year for his garden, actually, no garden at all for him. I have a small garden next to the cottage.

    I’ll catch up with you before I head back to Central Ohio around October 1.



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