Stormin’ at the Lake

It’s August 15th. 50 years ago I was dreaming of going to the Woodstock festival.

Just like at Woodstock today, it was sunny then started to rain.

That day 50 years ago some friends of mine hopped in the car when we heard Todd Rundgren’s Utopia was going to be at Legend Valley in Kirkersville OH.

I think I was in my friend’s Vega. It was closer and nobody had peed before we left so we pulled off the side of the road in a cemetary and went potty. We made sure we were off the graves out of respect.

Pulled up to the gates which were promptly torn down by the crowds…just like at Woodstock! Then someone set the ticket booth on fire…just like Smoke on the Water!… and the sounds of the sirens on the firetrucks did not phase the artists on the stage. It was a great afternoon!

Felt like Woodstock!

The sun just came out and I’m looking for the rainbow.

Happy trails.


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