Camper Prison Nutbread

Don’t get me wrong…I love living in the camper. It’s just sometimes you get a hankering for something homemade.It all started with an overripe banana. Well, then the brain starts thinking, hey I’ve got an egg, leftover sugar, leftover flour, no milk, stick of butter, and some lemon juice. The Dollar General JUST got it in after waiting a month to add it to my iced tea.So I set out to make this concoction.Recipe first calls for 2 cups of flour. Well hell, I open the half bag of flour and it has tiny little critters running amuck. I had it in a Ziplock bag! Oh well, into the trash it went.Now I have to find where my big apothecary jar of flour is that at I used to keep on the counter in my house. I know it’s here somewhere.After tearing the pantry apart (which is 1/10th the size of my old cupboard), there it was. Laying on its side in the back. So now, it meant I had to pull everything in front of it to get to it. So be it.So after getting the jar of flour, I thought I should rearrange the pantry. Well 20 minutes later, I started measuring 2 cups of flour.Next ingredient calls for baking soda. Well hell, back into the pantry I go. Good luck finding that. Thank God it’s in a yellow box.So now to the wet ingredients. Mashed banana, check. Sugar check. It was natural raw brown sugar so I figured it would work. Then 2 eggs. Well shit. I only had 1 and I couldn’t tell if it was hard boiled or not. So had to get a bowl of water out to see if it either floated or sunk. Hell, I couldn’t tell so I just went for it and cracked it over the sugar and banana. Yeah!! It was fresh. Batter didn’t look right so I knew I was missing something. The damn stick of butter. So now back into the freezer I went looking fot that lone stick if butter I kept in case of an emergency. HaWell there it was in the back. Hard as a rock but still on the box and wrapper so looked great. Butter, check.After nuking it for 30 sec. Good to go. Stirred it into the batter. All good.Vanilla, check. Cinnamon, check.Milk, crap. I had hazelnut creamer. I can mix that with some water. Prison style. Oh yeah.To the “milk”, you need to add 2 tsp. of lemon juice to sour it to make it rise or something. So mixed up that potion and added it to the batter, alternating dumping in the flour and then milk, more flour, rest of milk.Geez, almost forgot the nuts!Off to the freezer AGAIN! After pulling everything out, found them in the door.So two big handfuls of walnuts, check.Of course, I couldn’t find my loaf pan, so dumped it all into the little pan that came with my toaster oven. Felt like I was baking in my Easy Bake Oven again.55 minutes later, it was all worth it! Yum!Not sure how it will taste but camper smells like home!Kinda looks like a deer running…hum.Happy trails.

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