Winding Down Summer

My 1st summer under my belt at Lake Erie.

It went by way too fast. I’m packing and up ready head out West.

It is hard to decide what to take because last year I wasn’t prepared for the cold weather in NM. Who knew it would get down to 15°.

I’ve put some winter clothes in and out if the camper three times. I’m a hopeless optimist who thinks its going to be 72° every day until April.

It’s getting chilly here as well, so I am half-packing. Hopefully, I can remember where I stashed all these clothes in the camper.

I am trying to be a minimalist but I love my sweatshirts!

I did take a lot to Goodwill since I realized my body will never be a size 10 again!

We are having a Tiki night at the Escapees function and of course I can’t find my Tiki dress! I’ll try to find a coconut bra at the Dollar General I guess. Ha

Have a great Halloween everyone!

Happy trails.

Now where did I stash that witches Cape and broom!?


  1. Jan, good luck with the transition! So sorry that I didn’t get a chance to meet up with you this summer. This was such a bad summer on MBI. I hope you got to see all my photos on Facebook. It was an amazing trip (4,052 miles!). Please keep me posted on your adventures, and let’s make sure that we catch up with each other in the Spring!


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