6 days and counting

Six days until I leave the Northeasterly winds of Lake Erie. We had a ‘Noreaster’ last night and the winds were whipping through the windows.Got out the reflectex and started masking tape them over the windows.

Buttoned up. Not pretty but it does the trick.Ryder has decided that he likes the sitter, Dinah better. She lives in Sandusky and has 3 dogs that he plays with and runs outside in her fenced-in side yard.He comes back and wants my full attention so his separation anxiety has gotten worse because he won’t let me sit down without begging at my feet. So sewing is hard because he wants to play.He will be 3 years old on 11/26. So he’s in his frisky years. HaBut not today! It’s cold and rainy and he wants to sleep. So a good day to sew!I will be dropping him off on Friday. He can’t wait. He told me.I will visit him in April when I return.

Happy trails.


  1. Happy Trails, Jan. Keep me updated on your travels. Chuck will be closing up the cottage the first weekend in November. We need to get together next year for sure!


    1. Nope. Sitter loves him and he misses running w the dogs she has. I didn’t think he’d have the room in my camper he needs. It will work out great since I have to sew at the van build in Parker AZ all day for 16 days. Hed have to be in the camper in vegas too. So it will work out. 😉 When the h*** are you gonna be on the road???


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