Day 1 made it to Terra Haute IN

Well I left A-day early because the gremlins got mad at the camper was being parked on their road while I packed it.

The Harbor Grove campground technically owns that land. But there are a few (mean) home owners (Harbor Grove Yacht Club) in the houses that surround the campground that actually hate us. It’s because we have the best view of the Lake.

So this Yahoo named Randy decided to call the cops and tild them it was stolen!

He came up bang on the door yelling open up. Is any body in there? The cop was just standing There watching this guy have a hussy fit. I can hear it all the way from my trailer.

So I walk out carrying a heavy load of frozen food and I said I’m leaving and I’m ppacking. He said is this your camper? I said yes. He said well we thought it was stolen! I said why did you call the cops? If you would have put a not on the door I would have contacted you.

I said and what is your name? He said Randy and REMEMBER MY NAME!!

I said well my name is Jan so remember my name too. The cop laughed and said well mine name is Brady. I laughed

Randy did not.

I said I can move it no problem, it was just easier to pack parked by camper.

The scene of the crime.

Big drama at the campground. Incentive to hit the road early.

I winterized the trailer and left today to avoid rain tomorrow.

Great to be back on the road!

Gonna see Lincoln’s Log Cabin tomorrow.

Don’t let the zombies get you! Caught this one climbing up my ladder!

Happy trails from somewhere in Indiana.


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