Day 2 St.Clair MO

Slept at a rest area. Got 4 stars on the rest area scale.

Got excited about driving to Abe Lincoln’s cabin 40 miles fron the rest area Only to find it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. ARGH!

But you did get to walk around the homestead and peak in the cabin.

Had some neat stories about how he took care of his mother and father financially. He had a stepbrother who was a real piece of crap and ran up a lot of debt and expected ol’ Abe to pay. Abe said hell no and ignored his request. Ha



Drove through St. Louis today. What a cluster!!

Four big interstates converge into one tiny little right turn and there was a 3 car wreck right in front of me. Then another mile there was a cooler in the middle of the road center lane. In two more miles there was a couch in the right lane!

I think when they get done moving in, they will realize they lost their couch!

Traffic was moving at a clip so I didn’t get a picture, but they did have a big sign that said debris in roadway. Drive safe. Like you are on your own!

So I’m in the rest area in St. Clair MO and the rest area is in the middle of the road! Exit left.

My view. Got a good spot. Ha

It’s beautiful here about 74°.

Look at Santa Rosa NM on Thurs. When I’m supposed to be there! Yikes 28° at night.

What was I thinking!!

Happy trails. Brrrr

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