Day 6 Gallop NM

These are out of order bc Kingman is obviously after Gallup But all the days are big blur.

I wake up and wonder what state I’m in. It’s always the state of confusion.

I did make it to the Navajo Nation museum in Gallup. It was beautiful and very interesting. The Navajo are a very gentle people that believed in all the forces of nature.

They were ruled by Earth, Sun, Wind and Fire.

They took their cues from Mother Mature.

It is off Route 66 and in the Navajo nation which is in the size of West Virginia. They have their own language and radio stations, all in their native. It was cool to hear country songs then here the DJ talk in the native language.

It is in an area called Window Rock.

We had a nice movie and then a beautiful gallery.

An Indian Veteran. Thank you for your service.

The code talkers were instrumental in making the troops safe and acting as scouts. They had to carry large, heavy radios, batteries and Morse code machines.

On to Lake Mead.

Happy trails.


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