Day 7 Lake Mead

So happy that I made it to Lake Mead. It’s beautiful here and whether could not be more perfect.

Got a great campsite with my America the beautiful pass for $10 a night has water trash and bathrooms.

No electricity but that’s fine because my lithium batteries that are portable are working great. Still have to fire up the generator to make coffee because my coffee maker is about 900 Watts.

The biggest lithium battery that I have that’s portable is 500 Watts.

Keri who I met in Kingman AZ in the skoolie (school bus) came and parked next to me.

We are paying $10 night with iut America the Beautiful passes at Lake Mead campground with water, bathrooms and trash.

If Wishes Were Horses skoolie

The She Shed

This is hair washing day. Glad I have warm water cooking in the sun.

I can fire up the generator for hot water but don’t want to waste the propane.


Water close by.

Last night ate Chili and chips and pumpkin cheesecake. Life is good. Until I sat on my plate in my chair in the dark! Ttime to get the lanterns out!! No bugs but my big zapper was on hand.

Onto Vegas tomorrow (Sunday) with the Escapees convergence. Until Nov. 3.

Happy trails


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