Day 8 Vegas Baby!

Sunday, I left Lake Mead after dumping tanks and getting water at Lake Mohave. It is 68° and beautiful!

On a hot parking lot and crammed in here.

My slide kissing my neighbors slide by 6 inches. Yikes! Glad nobody is moving. Lots of dogs and I’m in the quiet section!

Nice drive down and I’ll be here 7 days.

Looks empty but people are stI’ll coming in.

Really sweet Nest Airstream I think.

Gal next to me has 620 watts of solar. I have 260 watts so I’m jealous.

Big rigs are on the other of the parking lot.

Happy hour at 5:00 then pub crawl at 6:00.

Happy trails.

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  1. Jan, I love the NEST!!!! I want one! I saw a video of one earlier this year. When we were camping at the Badlands in September, a guy from St. Louis was camping across the road from us. I told Chuck, “That’s a Nest and I want to see that.” Eventually, we both walked over and started talking to the owner. I really think this is ideal for Chuck and I. The owner was real nice and let us in to walk around. I love it. He was always up early before sunrise to take photos of sunrise at the Badlands. He had a really expensive looking camera.
    Have fun in Vegas. That’s a great starting point to see a lot of the National Parks.


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