Day 9 Las Vegas Baby – Day 2 Monday

Got parked, had a opening get-together outlining the do’s and dont’s of the parking lot. No dumping of liquids of any kind blah, blah. Common sense stuff. We are are crammed in like sardines.

Sunday night we went to Inspire and Gold Spike. It was a fun place because it had Darts and Skee-Ball and oversized furniture and lots of games.

Bartenders were overwhelmed because 100 of us all come wandering in at the same time.

We had free drink tickets so that was good.

Inspire had a Halloween theme and a glass enclosed bar that overlooked Fremont Street.

Played darts at the Gold Strike. Sorry, Tom I won.

Fremont Street is ablaze with neon.

Imagine Dragons show on the ceiling.

Stayed until 10pm. Walked for 4 hours.

This is an active crowd!

I will try to keep up!

Happy trials.

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