Day 17- Tuesday

Table up. Still putting crap away!At least all the crap fits under-the-table now!I need that step stool cause everything in here is so tall.My friend Gary who I met at the RTR 2 years ago winters in Quartzsite. I told him I’d be in the town next to it And he agreed to come over for a visit.So we walked around the grounds and I showed him the pool and the river.This place is really nice. It’s pricey But his park doesn’t have a pool so he liked the pool.He was stopping at a grocery store in Blythe, California And he asked me if I wanted anything and I said sure some Bud Light and Cheez Its would be good. HaThey didn’t have the Extra Toasty Cheez Its. But he brought the Bud Light. He drinks Miller Lite so was nice he offered to get the beer for me. Thank you Gary!When he head to the desert you gotta be stocked up!He went back to Quartzsite And offered to look at the flea markets for my missing hubcap. That makes 2 I need.1st one was from a pothole in Florida and I didn’t notice it until I was 200 miles down the road.This one either got ripped off and Las Vegas at the parking lot Or here Sunday night when I heard a lot commotion outside my trailer about midnight.I should have went out to look but I was too tired from just getting here Sunday night.They’re stainless steel so I’m sure there at somebody’s flea market today!This is what is missing.This is what it looks like now.

Missing rim hubcap.Argh! Always something.I saw they were on Amazon for a $169 apiece. Those will have to wait. I used Kentucky Chrome to anchor the tire pressure monitors down so the wouldn’t flop around.Tomorrow’s Wednesday pool day yay! Gonna miss the resort life. HaCan’t get used to this Mountain time. All 3 clocks have a different time. My cell phone accounted for daylight savings time and so I walked in 45 minutes late for bingo!Happy trails!