Day 18 – Weds.

Cleaned up the camper today and then went to the pool. It is so nice! Even has a hot tub.

It was 89゚ today! Oh yeah!

Beats raking leaves!! And they ask me why I moved!! This is why! I’d much rather be sitting by the pool then getting hit on the head with Hickory nuts.

My sister, Lynne, has always taking care of Mom and Dad’s grave at Resurection. Putting out the Christmas wreath and the Veterans Day flag.

Pray for Lynne. She has pancreatic cancer and is fighting a long battle against this terrible disease. She still has energy to go to the cemetery and weed it and get it ready for the holidays. She has passed this torch to brother Bob since I am in Arizona until April.

Mom and Dad would be proud. This picture travels with me.

Happy trails.

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