Day 30- Monday

Monday no sewing. Walked down to sewing tent and retrieved rug that I lent them.Really had a lot of ladies sewing in the mountain desert.Lots of projects all finished!Was a great 2019 Van Build Fest in Parker Arizona.Heading out tomorrow because of forecasted rain.Had parked next to a school bus (called skoolie). This was a family with a 6 girl and 8 year old boy. Zion and Skyann. It was fun watching them play and keep themselves occupied.I made them survivor bracelets and made Zion a cape and Skyann a scrunchie and barrettes.They came over the next day and read my fortune with Dragon Cards and made rubberband rings and woven bracelets for a small donation.😉Homeskoolie on left. Another skoolie with a Vanagon welded to the top.All kinds of rigs at the van build. Real nice, caring people all living in harmony in nature.On to the next adventure.Happy trails.

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