Day 32- Weds.

Well it poured all night! Glad we left the van build when we did.

We went to Parker AZ to do laundry and then to Cross Roads Cafe. Yum! Had the best grilled chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich ever!

Marlene, Frank and I all went to Wally World after lunch. I was running low on Extra Toasty Cheez Its! Ha

Came out of Walmart to this spectacular sky event. You can totally see the rain.

You can really see the weather in AZ.

Then got to the campground and caught this awesome rainbow.

On the way home, ran into this Alien.

Way up on this hill. Marlene had to get her alien glasses on and take a pic with him.

Then Frank.

They tried to talk me into it but I passed.

Happy trails.

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