Day 31- Tuesday

Best friend Barb Thornton’s birthday! Happy birthday from the desert!Here is a sunset for you!And a beach!Beautiful weather here, but packing up since sewing is done and rain is coming and lots of people are leaving.We (Marlene, new friend) are moving on to Cross Roads BLM land with the burros in Earp CA just on the other side of the Colorado River and we gain an hour of time! Cross back over, and you get it back!Strange. I don’t think they are worried about Y2020.Got to Cross Roads Campground. Beautiful weather until 8:00pm when the sky let loose. Rained all night and into the morning.Decided we would all do laundry and go out to lunch on Weds. since it was not a pretty day outside.My campsite. We decided to have tacos and the burros showed up for some!Where’s the beef?Happy trails.