Day 47 – Thurs.

Moving day and Marlene left to get her shot at the La Paz county hospital. Something for oestoperosis.

I will meet up with her at the blue water casino later and they have a cantina they’re called La Cantina that serves tacos. So that’s what’s for dinner🌮😉

Well Cantina was closed!! Until January! Ugh!

But casino had a senior special on Thursdays for country fried steak (chicken), gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans and roll for $5.95. Couldn’t pass it up! Yum it was good.

Got in a slot tournament and came in 7th with 61,700 points! These Indians mean business! First prize was $750. I didn’t win. Lady next to me had 71000 points she was beaten the heck out of that machine. Ha

Our picnic in the casino parking lot.

On to Lake Haveseau in Morning.

Happy trails.

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