Day 48 – TGIF

Drove to Lake Havasu after getting Prescriptions at CVS in Parker. Thyroid med.

Then Marlene got her shot so we were good to go.

Stayed at Lone Tree BLM campground. Not real level but 11 miles north of LHVS.

Then we parked her Roadtrek and headed into town. Heard of an annual Boat Parade. All decked out in Christmas lights.

Ate Fish and Chips at the London Bridge. Yummy

All decked out in lights.

Wait until you see the boats!

It was awesome until I got back to the parking lot and this Yahoo blocked me in. We waited an hour for them to return and they never did. I couldn’t go back because of a sand wall behind me and couldn’t go forward because of hoe close he was!

So if you know this jerk tell him I saved his butt from being towed!

I backed the cargo basket into a sand wall and inched my way around him.

Deserved that beer when I got to the campground!

Happy trails.


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