Day 60 – Weds.

Went to the Post Office in Lake Havasu and then went to Walmart. Spent way too much. But I’m stocking up for a month. Never know when you’re going to see another Walmart. Lol

Some crazy guy pulled up next to my camper. He was on a motorcycle and his wife was in the class A motor home. He start yelling at her Because I think she was trying to leave him. I couldn’t tell if he was drunk the he kept yelling “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me Barb”. So I guess he wanted her I go back home and she said no. So she took the camper and took off and ended up staying a little ways from me. He came up next to the motorcycle and tried to get in and she wouldn’t love him in. So that was the drama in the campground. One in every crowd.

Camp host from last year came by in a truck and said Yes she kicked him out last year too. They found him passed out in the desert with a gun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in another.

So fun staying in a campground during the Holidays. Ha

She must have taken him back because he’s down there now and the motorcycle is next to the camper.

As the stomach turns…

Happy trails.

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