Day 61- Thurs.

Pick up my package from Jeannine from Maine and the gorillas at the Post Office decided to destroy it.

She had a bottle of Maple syrup and there which they crushed and in had leaked out on everything. So their solution was to shrink wrap the entire Box and put it in another Box.

Everything was coated with a thick layer of sugar.

Bet it was good syrup!

No problem though. I just cleaned everything up and it all worked out. Even that the reuse the outer Box for grandkid’s gifts in Pennsylvania.

Needed the box so it all worked out!

Take it back to the Post Office and shipped it out.

This camp is only 10 miles from the city so it makes it kind of convenient.

I will be packing up on Sunday to head to Alamo Lake State Park. That campsite will have electricity. Yeah!

Happy trails.