Day 74 – Weds. New Years Day 01.01.2020

I have been waiting all year to say this… “Hi, I’m Barbara Walters and this is 2020.”I can’t believe they didn’t ask her to do that on New Year’s Rockin Eve! She has been saying that forever! Dick Clark would not have let that slip by!Well, the world didn’t blow up so that’s good. Guess I’ll have to wait until 02.02.2020. HaHope you all had a safe New Year’s Eve.I wash my hair today to start the New Year off right and tangle free!Made some cornbread and tacos and put it in the freezer. Going to make some chicken cheddar broccoli rice later and freeze that.Love using my microwave when I have electricity and don’t have to run the generator.Pretty good ball drop in UAE! Mazing how they light up this tall buildings with fireworks shooting out the sides of them.London’s was pretty spectacular also. Check them out on ABC News on YouTube.Had a gallon of water fall over and of course it Ran all into the boxes and stuff stored under-the-table. So gave me a good excuse to pull all that stuff out, mop it all up and clean the dust off the floor.I found the Badge-A-Minute Box under with Jeannine’s handwriting on it from when it was used at CVD classes!

The Box got pretty wet so I ended up throwing it out and put the rest in a big ziploc bag.

I brought it along last year to give to the RTR (Rubber Tramp Rondevous) since they were making badges but they (Sueanne) didn’t want it. So I’m lugging it around. Maybe I’ll make some round buttons and pass them out at this year’s RTR with pictures of campers on them.Also found my SD card so I can actually use my dash camera now. I had put it in the drone and needed an extra one so I took it out of the drone. Since I’m not very good at flying it, I’m gonna practice some more in the desert.That’s it for now. Here’s a sunset for you. Sorry it’s from the trailer park.

Sky is always changing.

Happy trails.