Day – 72 – Monday

Headed to Yuma and to the Post Office to pick up my new screen door lock.

I thing is been such a pain. You have to slide the panel over in reach your hand in and and lock it from the inside because the outside handle fell off. Found it on the ground.

I went to 2 RV Dealers in Lake Havasu and no one had such a 2 handled gizmo. The guy said “did check Amazon?” I said “no”. Well hell, I checked Amazon put the part number in and it came right up. $21. I will be picking it up today if it comes in.

Not a moment too soon either. It was getting very frustrating sticking your hand through the door the and lock it from the inside.

Check it off the list.

Today is my beautiful daughter, Molly’s birthday. It was a cold day in December when she was born. Had to find a sitter for Jeff who was 19 months old. Mom stepped up to watch him for 4 days. Back then, when you had a C-section, you had to spend 4 to 5 days in the hospital to heal. Now they kick you out in 2 days.

1st time Jeff came running up to me to see baby Molly, I thought he was gonna jump right on my belly. Instead I took a shoe off and co led her right in the face and said “see my shoe “Mowy”!

The fun had just begun of having 2 kids under 2.

Happy birthday Molly! 🎂

Happy trails.