Day 90 – TGIF

The movie tonight was Rambo the new one. Had Spanish subtitles so we got the brush up on our Spanish.

Rambo on the side of the RV.

While walking through the desert, I found this pure white bone. At first, I thought it was one of those dog chew bones. On further inspection, I found it to be either a Coyote leg bone or a calf bone. It had such a large opening and had to have been a thigh bone. There are not too many deer out here with having all the coyotes so I’m guessing it’s a Coyote bone. It was in pristine dehydrated condition.

Abroad in washed it up and here’s what it looks like. It is bigger than my hand.

It does make a beautiful vase and stands flat. Lol

Desert beauty.

Myra and I made baked potatoes at our own campfire because it was getting cold and we have a little ways to walk back to our sites.

Thursday I forgot to mention that we went to the women’s RTR and I must say it was a bust. Heart bout 50 people there more volunteers then attendees.

The structure this time was an open concept were you could pick the classes you wanna to go to and they were in blocks of 2 hours so you are moving in-and-out of the speakers and just kind of a goofy set up.

I wish there was a way they could a had it scheduled for every hour with one station rather than go round to 10 stations.

And it was also 20 miles from Quartzsite so everybody has to drive their rigs to get to the classes. Same way with the RTR.

Found a lot of innovative campers in the parking lot.

Happy trails.

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