Day 91 – Sat.

Another beautiful day in the desert. Still windy but it’s about 65゚ which I will take since it’s snowing at Marblehead!

Still glad I’m out here.

There are a lot of rigs with ATV’s and toads (cars they tow) which gets them into town to see the big 10 and the vendors there. So it is pretty quiet around camp because everybody’s 2 miles away at the center of town.

I hope to go in on Tuesday when I get a ride with a good friend Gary who I met 2 years ago at the RTR.

He lives in Quartzsite so he really knows his way around.

Quartzsite in daytime.

Q town at night.

The big tent is where all the brightest lights are to the left.

Supposed to be 70 tomorrow. We shall see.

Happy trails.