Day 92 – Sunday

Myra left to head back to Chandler AZ. I will miss her! She goes on little camping trips and has a little potty tent. Really cool set up.

Myra camp.

She has a cool awning goes on her Subaru outback which makes a little screen room. The weather cooperated this week so that was a good thing.

Her motto is necessity is the motherhood of invention. So whatever we needed we pieced it together and at all worked out.

Hobotech had movies every night on the side of Heidi’s bus. So there’s always something to do over there.

Movies in the desert.

Have Wi-Fi will travel.

My buddy Kim came over from Michigan on his ATV and we rode down to the Par- TR and played Farkle on this board. It’s kind of like yahtzee dice game.

Then I took out the sewing machine and fixed my windshield surround where the velcro broke.

Gotta head to Hobotech campfire!

Happy trails.

Canvas before.

All fixed. Velcro strap.