Day 96 – Thurs.

What a day. I thought with the Hobotech crew gone, it would be kinda dead around here.

There were more people moving in all over the place and RVs reshuffling.

So I asked a friend of mine if he wouldn’t going into town to get the shock for my door. It’s the closer lifter arm that got sprung last year.

He needed to mail a card so we went the back way to avoid the crazies driving in town. That big tent was packed. Found a parking spot and went to K&B tools and they had the arm but not the right length. Crap!

But I did get a sweet sunscreen shade to block the sun on the fridge and finally found the rectangle collapsible bucket I wanted.

Now I can wash my hair and my feet! LOL. The smaller one was good for little stuff.

It attaches to the awning and unzips to roll it up. Really kept it cool today.

Crazy truck bus!

There are kinds of crazy rigs in the desert!

Kim took these of a camper (?) by him. Yes, these are actually road worthy!

Happy trails!