Day 97 – TGIF

Got up and did a sewing job for my neighbor. And then I met my other neighbor who was next to me who is vacationing in her car from Alabama. She only had a week and a 1/2 of work and has to be back Tuesday.

She had never seen the desert and just stumbled in.

We watched the same people on YouTube and so we had something in common. We talked a lot about travel and the area. She has 2 dogs at home and 4 cats. I think she said she was 45. She said she was that “cat lady”. Her mother and daughter is babysitting the animals while she is gone.

Her name is Salem and she helped me put my awning up.

We tied a ribbon to the zipper to make it easier to go on and off.

Sun shade.

The festivities are winding down here at Scadden wash so I may head to Plomosa Rd closer to the other side of town.

Not sure what the weather’s going to be like in New Mexico so I am holding out for February for that.

There is a pyrotechnic show going on February 13th-15th in Lake Havasu so that should be cool. It’s all the pyro technic people who put on the big shows and some of I’m even make the fireworks on scene.

Here is your sunset tonight.

Lights of Quartzsite.

Went down to the par-TR which is a knock off of the RTR not affiliated whatsoever with the RTR. It is a young, wilder bunch of partiers.

Lots of disco lights and Jenga.

Takes all kinds.

Happy trails.