Day 108 – Tuesday

Well it still windy and it’s freezing here at 41゚ at night and 56 and daytime. Winds were 24 miles an hour and I had to pull the slide in so it wouldn’t suck the bed out of the camper. It was really rocking.

So I made some fajitas and guacamole and just cleaned house all day.

You could not go outside because the sand was blowing so hard it would get in your teeth.

I had to take the vinyl windshield cover off because it kept flipping up even though it had Velcro and magnetic tie downs.

We had 2 days of that crap and then it finally got back to normal wind speed.

Just put the slide back out so I could go to bed.

So happy the senate hearings are over so General Hospital can come back on!

I finally get TV stations in English!

The Jackery.

Gonna hop in the bed now that the wind died down. May move closer to the mountains tomorrow. Less windy.

Happy trails.