Day 109 – Weds.

Did a lot of running around today. Left American Girl Mine campsite then headed to Yuma for gas, propane, Harbor freight for mouse lights and Post Office.

Got to the propane place and they were so pack that I couldn’t get in so I had to go to the Uhaul. Paid a little bit more for the propane but at least I could get in-and-out without hitting anything.

Then headed to Harbor Freight, couldn’t find a parking space so made my own alongside a service road. Ran in quick snagged some glow in the dark rope and solar string lights to lay under the engine to keep the mice out.

Love that rope really stays lit all night after being in the sun. You’ll never lose your keys are flashlight. Lol

The sunsets have been beautiful.

Weds night over Yuma after 3 days of dust storms!

Since the mail was not in yet in Yuma, I decided to stay at the VFW outside Yuma.

Here’s a picture of one side of the camp and the other side. Guess which one I chose? Ha 🤔

Bush side.

Gotta drag the solar panels out and snag this sun while I can. May head to court site tomorrow to see the gold show. And get a metal detector so I can strike it rich in the desert!

Happy trails.

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