Day 136 – Tuesday

My friend Keri is coming from California for a visit today. She lives in a converted school bus they call a “skoolie”.

Her bus name is called If Wishes Were Horses.

It’s a beautiful bus!
At Lake Mead

She got here in the afternoon and we sat around and tacked and caught up. She does a lot of urban camping in San Francisco but isn’t too stealth with that bus! Ha

It was fun catching up with her and little Rhodie, her little rescue. He’s a great traveling dog.

Keri and Rhodie
If Wishes Were Horses Bus
Had a campfire.
Lots of lights to keep the critters out!

Was fun catching up then the cows started mooing. They must have gotten too close to the horse pens. The dogs started barking and the cows started mooing and the ATVs started chasing the cows yelling. “Go go!!” Pretty exciting end to a quiet night. Cows usually show up at 7:30am walking thru camp.

Nite yall. Happy trails.