Day 137 – Wednesday Travel Day

Was gonna head to NM today but decided to go on Thursday instead. Hate to leave this beautiful place.

I bought the NM state pass to camp at all the state parks for $8 a night with electric! Not bad! It’s good until Sept. So hope to get back out here soon.

Well best laid plans of mice and men. Haven’t caught any more my so that’s good. Just hung out tonight and had a campfire with marshmallows.

Went for a hike to the top of the hill. My lung can’t really make it that high so I took pics of the flowering desert. It is so green out here because of a little bit of rain that they got. They call of a Desert Bloom that happens in the Spring. Expecting a great one this year.

Daisies in the desert
Bees are working
Got some desert sewing done.
Love looking at clouds through my sewing machine
And horses!
These riders come here every Wednesday.
And these

Went to the Dollar General and got ribeye steaks for $2 each! They were so tender! Way to eat on the cheap! Have to go back to see if they have any left. Ha

Happy trails.