Day 138 – ThursDay Peggy’ Birthday

Peggy’s birthday is today March 5th. Hope she had a great day!

Walked over to Keri’s bus and met a Canadian couple taking a tour.

He is a mechanic and he gave her bus the once over. Only it turned out to be an all day job. Topped off a her fluids, lubed all her joints and got her running in tip top shape for the road.

She went to Sun City to stay at her friends and was so appreciative of the Roy family who helped her get her bus on the road. Love how they say “Eh?”

They were such a great couple we hang out after she left and they were so interesting to get a Canadians’ perspective on the current situation of the state of the world.

Bus repair gang

It always looks better over vodka. We had snacks and set outside and watched the Sun set.

This weird guy named Randall came over carrying his chair and 5 glass bottles of beer. Just kinds came over and sat is chair down.

We ask him where he came from and he said Wyoming. He is camping in his Cadillac.

He explained that sometimes he sits in the front seat and sometimes he sleeps in the back seat. It was a short conversation.

After the sunset we all kind of broke up and went to our respective campers except Randall. Who proceeds to light this giant bonfire in the windiest part of the desert.

Those flames were huge. I thought he was gonna set the desert on fire. Since he is only about a 100′ from me, I had to go out and take a picture because the flames were higher than he was.


I went inside and then I heard the wind blow my table away so I went out to retrieve it, only to find the flames still burning. I yelled over to him to not let that fire get away from him! I don’t think he heard me.

Oh well, Keri on her way to Sun City and Myra getting teeth fixed in Mexico and Marlene is in Tombstone. All my peeps are scattered so gotta get my head around a plan to move East.

The weather I’d so crazy. Feel for people in Houston and Nashville. Glad I didn’t leave yesterday.

Happy trails.

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