Day 139- TGIF

The day started with meeting a nice Canadian couple on their honeymoon and by the time they left they had already worked for 6 hours on Keri’s school bus, topping off fluids, adding grease to joints and then Keri left.

Norman and Lorabeth came down to my camper so we could watcb the sunset together. I wanted to wash my hair with my new shower bag. It holds 2 gallons of water and gets it really hot just from the sun so it heats from solar! So I told them I wanted to wash it before it got too cold to air dry because once that Sun goes down, it gets chilly.

Under the bus
Sunset with clean hair!

So I decided to leave the next day which would be Saturday. I really wanted to go to Chiricahua National Monument on the border of Arizona and New Mexico.

But the weather had other plans.

I waited out the rain storms Friday night and left Saturday morning for a Harvest Host Winery in Willcox, AZ.

I left at 11:30am on Sat.

Happy trails.

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