Day 140 – Sat. Travel Day

So I leave at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and drove 3 and a 1/2 hours to Willcox, AZ.

This particular Harvest Host is a Winery called Pillsbury Wine Company. And man, do they make good wine! No sugar in it and the names were a hoot. One was called “Inappropriate” another was called “Wild Child” and “One Night Stand”.


Had a few reds as well.


In exchange for the free night’s stay of camping, you can visit the tasting room. I lived the Wild Child and will save it for a special occasion.

Harvest Host also has other places you can camp. Like museums, cultural centers, breweries, wineries, farms, and visitor centers. It’s an annual membership club and well worth it for under $50 a year! Membership pays for itself in 2 visits!

Set, Go!

These two won medals at the San Francisco Wine Competition.

Spent the night with 3 other campers in the vinyard.

This could be a wine commercial. She was sitting on his lap in his lawn chair after having their wine.

Happy trails.

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