Day 141 – Sunday Travel Day

So after spending the night in the vineyard with 20 mile near winds and pouring rains, I guided or should I say glided, the She Shed out of the red mud.

The winery had a long mud dirt road that was just full of puddles. I finally got on to the pavement and the rain gave the rig a good washing.

It was too rainy to go to the monument so I headed on into New Mexico.

You can tell you are in New Mexico because of all the cars that have ducted “in tow” on the back of the pick up truck that is pulling it. Nobody uses a tow track they just slap and all hunk of junk on the back of a beater truck and drag it down the highway.

This guy towed 2 cars!

It rain relentlessly for 4 hours.


It’s beautiful here. Nice campsite with a picnic area and fire ring. For $8.00 a night with electric, water and trash, with the Annual Camping Pass! Love New Mexico State Parks!

Ohio, take a cue from them!

My site
The lake

Love it here. Gonna stay until they kick me out!

Happy trails.

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