Day 144 – Weds.

Marlene to visit today.

Marlene came in from Willcox, Arizona. She was staying at white water draw which is where the sand cranes come to roost. Only it’s a pure mud-based lot and Everybody in her party got stuck in the mud.

Ranger came and got the backhoe and got the Roadtrek out. Ranger told her that tow trucks usually charge between $300 and $500 to get them out.

She just wished he would have told her not to park there because of the rain coming in.  She felt that he could a warned them. Oh well. Now she knows.

We had fajitas tonight on the picnic table here. Walk down to the lake which is really part of the Rio Grande river on the other side of the dam. Beautiful area. With the New Mexico camping pass it’s only $8 a night with electric, water, trash and clean, hot showers!

view of the lake

Speaking of panoramic, oops I mean pandemic, I’m not stocking up on toilet paper, I’m hoarding Extra Toasty Cheeze-its!

Oh yeah!

Happy trails.