Day 145 – Thurs.

Met a nice girl next to me named Peggy and her dog Mister. She had a 2014 Roadtrek Mercedes. Beautiful coach.

She had an electric bike and we started talking about electric bikes. She really liked this one because it did not fold and the ramp was very easy to load and unload it because it tilted.

I noticed that her cover was ripped up and she said she was going to buy a new 1. I told her that I could fix that one and so we took it off the bike and I drug the sewing machine out to the picnic table and sewed it right up. Fixed a lot of seams and holes.

So in return, she brings bag over and says pick something out of this bag.

So I stuck my hand in the bag

And I pull out this beautiful hand whittled spoon spatula that she makes.

So she dumps the rest of the bag out and out pour these beautiful creations.

Walking sticks

She picks up old wood laying around and makes these beautiful creations.

I’d say it was a win win! That is life on the road. Everyone has a gift to share. You meet some really nice people on the road.

Peggy Felt and her creations

After I finished sewing, Marlene and I went into the little town of Hatch. Hot Pepper Capital of the World!

Road Art in Hatch
The Pepper Pot Restaurant
Easter decorations
Shop after shop full of peppers

Happy trails.

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