Day 152 – Thurs.

Travel day again. Heading to South Llano River State Park.

Rained all night and woke up to some very strange bird sounds. This is on a birding trail and very different bird calls.

We first went to see Caverns of Sonora. We got there up a steep gravel drive and then parked on a very unlevel parking lot.  Both felt we were going to fall over. We parked (on the hill parking lot) and went inside. Cute shop but 1.5 hr wait for a tour and it looked like rain so we decided to head straight to state park.

Tee pee and gourd starling houses at the Caverns

I got a cool geode and some natural magnets.

We saw about 40 spotted deer run out in front of us. Was a cloudy day but some and then the skies opened up around 9pm. Rained all night. 

Nice state park with showers.

8:00am next morning, the dreaded knock at the door. Ranger said river was flooding and we had to leave.

We just got here! He said we had to leave right now or risk staying a week. We talked about it and thought maybe we should leave since we already had reservations on the other side of San Antonio. Another reason why I hate making reservations.

So we packed everything up on unplugged the electric, headed out down the road following the ranger and they shut the gate. Said there were logs floating across the road and we could not get out.

So we turn around the head back door camping spot. By then a lot of people have left so Marlene asked them if she could have the spot next to me since it was empty. Ranger said yeah they didn’t care nobody was here anyways.

Been here ever since! Supposed to leave Sunday but it is also supposed to rain again!

Happy trails and stay dry!