Day 153 – TGIF

Rain stopped for about 30 minutes enough for us to walk around the block.

It was good to get out and we could dump our trash.

Lots of campers are still here but lots of spaces are empty.

The lucky ones got out right away.

Before the rain
During the rain

The turkey roost was under water. I guess this is a big turkey area.

Tom Turkey Struttin His Stuff

There is a very weak cell signal here but my booster is doing its best.

Antenna is outside

No TV channels either. 60 channels but none digital even for my antenna on the rig! No General Hospital for me this week. Argh!!

I hear that Gov. Dewine interrupts it anyways every day for a virus update. That is why I no longer watch TV or the news. I catch up on Hulu for GH.

Happy trails.

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