Day 160 – TGIF

The best laid plans of mice and men…story of my camping life thanks to Covid-19.

They close down the entire state park at Mustang island because one of the staff members tested positive.

Rather than make everybody Stay in their campers and closed the bathrooms and common areas, They shut the park down and are making everyone leave.

So now I have to go on the customer service line which is jammed with people switching site and parks to number 1 get a refund, number 2 transfer to another park, number 3 see if any other park will take you and number 4 have the date that you request.

What a cluster. I’ve never spent this much time in camping fees in one month in my life. Do you see now why I love my desert?

$190 a week

Can’t even start to head back to Ohio. Rest areas are still open and so are truck stops for now.

State parks not so much.

Texas has a lot of county parks but since they are governed by State authority, they have to do what the tell them. So it’s a wait and see.

I’m here until Sat. Morning. Tomorrow, move to site 109 with a lake view (a plus) and there until April 6. Then head to another state park on April 6 and stay until April 12. Then call again to see if any cancellations fir the same park or move again. Yikes. Hate the scheduling!!!

I retired from this shit! Oh well, it could be worse.

So for now, everything is up in the air so don’t ask me where I am headed because I dont know! Ask the State of Texas.

Don’t mess with Texas!

Happy trails!


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