Day 161- Saturday

Where’s Waldo? Still at Choke Canyon but moved sites. In 109 on the lake yeah.

View of lake across the street

Very foggy here today but cleared up nice and took a walk.

I dumped the tanks so im good for another month.

There is a restroom across the street but I’d rather use my own.

Restrooms and showers

I’m here in this spot until April 6 then I moved to another park. I really like this area because there’s bushes on one side of me and a Lake in the front. No neighbors.

Side yard
Deer, birds and lake

It’s very quiet too.  Every once in a while, a car comes by. Rangers are pretty good about checking on people but they are not wearing masks. Not sure why not!

I gotta catch up on stuff here. I like staying inside. I like the company.

Happy trails.