Day 170 – Monday Moving Day

I figured I would be at Lake Corpus Christi for a while because I had these newly printed reservations and knew I could stop by the Post Office and pick up my forwarded mail from Florida. I use a mail service in Florida to forward my mail wherever I am.

So I got to go experience the Mathis Texas Post Office.

I was surprised to find these stickers on the floor.

Social distancing at the P.O.

I thought it was a good idea.

Even had a partition in front of him so he didn’t have to breathe on people.

All my mail was in, so it worked out perfect. I got a parking spot on the street so it was that easy in-and-out.

Then I headed to the state park.

Was about an hour away.

Found a great camping spot on the lake.

View from my chair

Perfect spot…until it wasn’t.

More on that later. Happy trails.

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