Day 171 – Tuesday

Well it started off a beautiful foggy morning at Lake Corpus Christi state park.

Where did the lake go?

After only a few hours of loving this campsite, I get up email from the Texas state parks. You guessed it. They’re shutting them down and we have till the close of business today to move on. WTF??

I only had my beautiful sight for few hours and my little traveling gnome has to move on.

Packing up…again

So now the big scramble to find out where to next. The park ranger had told me about an RV park down the road on the other side of the lake.

So I had to make a decision either head back to Ohio in join in the craziness there or stay in Texas for $300 a month until May 7th.

I called my storage guy in Marblehead and he said he would not be back to the Lake until after May 15 because he was also stuck in Florida. That pretty much made the decision for me since I had no place to store the camper until he got back.

So I found this RV park it was only 6 miles away in Mathis Texas until May 7th.

Not bad but ant hills the size of a small VW.

Ant hill

I sprinkled Comet cleanser around it to keep it in the present circle and not migrate to my rug!

After 4 unlevel sites, stayed in this one.
Lake view

And my own cactus.

So we will see if the ants carry me away the morning.

Happy trails.