Day 173 – Thursday

Hotter than a hot potato here in “wharm” Texas. 94 and 100% humidity.

Too hot to sit outside but did anyways because we have to be quarantined anyways and I’ve spent too much time indoors.

Did some research on some states that are still open since being kicked out of 4 state parks in two states!

Tennessee looks to be the only one that is taking reservations after May 1. May be a good place to stop over on the way back next month.

Marlene went back to AZ since New Hampshire was all closed up and going back too soon would be a hardship if you had to stay in your van for 14 days.

I don’t mind camping and staying in the rig especially in the air conditioning when it’s 94 out! Have thread will sew!

I mailed out some masks to the peeps back in Ohio.

Go Kathy!

Will make some more tomorrow. Supposed to be cooler this week. Hope so.

Made a pork roast today with Keri while she waits for the repairs on her bus. Didn’t want to cook inside so brought the toaster oven outside on the table.

Came out really good. Had rice and wine. Maybe this quarantine stuff isn’t bad after all.

Happy trails.