Day 174 – TGIF

Good Friday. Wonder what Jesus would do. Can you imagine if there was a virus spreading back then and you had to be 6′ away from each other? No washing of the feet, no sermon on the mount and no Easter Parades. Just threw that in.

So humid here it does not feel like a dry Easter in Ohio.

Winds are picking up but still nice to sit outside until the sun goes down.

Cloudy sky

Of course, it always rains on Good Friday. And it sprinkled on and off all day.

Storms are supposed to roll in so I’m gearing up for that.

Bringing the chairs in every night because you don’t know if they’ll be soaked when you wake up! So it makes for close quarters here with the sewing machine out and the chairs stacked up.

Tomorrow may go into town with Keri’s rental car. She will hear about condition of bus on Weds.

She will have to drive to Corpus Christi to pick it up and return the rental car.

Happy trails.