Day 175 – Saturday

The cactus out here love the showers since we are in monsoon season in Texas.

Should be the yellow cactus of Texas!
They look like cucumbers when they open up.

Very strange dynamic looking at all the phases of a blooming cactus.

Not much out here to do!

I did take a shower in the cleanest, private bathroom ever at a campground! Shout out to Emerald Hill RV Park in Mathis, TX.


Was a nice beach day if there was a beach! Just like muddy grass going into the water. But some jet skins and canoe out.

Went to Dollar General to stock up. No TP, no baby wipes, no Cheeze-It Extra Toasty either! I was going thru withdrawal!

But it was nice to get out and see what the rest of the world was doing. They let 10 people in at a time. I ran in and out. Cashier had a mask on and I thanked her for being open!

Mathis is very small but friendly.

Marlene decided to head back to NH via Georgia so I think she is going northeast. Currently, she is in Big Spring, TX.

Getting ready for 40mph winds. Yikes!

Happy trails.

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