Day 187 – Thurs.

Well Texas State Parks are supposed to open tomorrow. We shall see. How do you sanitize the state park?

They did ask that everybody wear a mask and you can’t come in to the office everything has to be done online. When you do check in the after stand behind the barrier and not go into the office.

Not sure I’ll be staying at a state park again in Texas since they close and don’t give you any notice before you have to leave.

I may head to Mississippi. It all depends on the weather.

So glad I didn’t leave last week and got in those tornadoes this week.

Another hot one!

Worked on Keri’s bus today. Installed her magnetic screen door. Also made screens for some of her side windows.

New screens
New teeth screen

Grill had some missing pieces so we put screens on to keep the bugs of the new radiator.

Had a glass of wine after it was over.

Happy trails!

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