Day 189 – Sat.

Not as hot in Mathis, TX. They mowed again. This is where I just hose off the camper and he comes by with the riding mower throwing grass clippings all over the side of my camper AGAIN. He mows every week. Note to self: Leave this RV park! Oh wait, I can’t leave until May 7. Hummm

I heard from my friend, Ardie who is supposed to go to the hospital for an MRI for the brain lesions due to MS. She is scared to death to go to the hospital because of The Covid-19.

She is afraid of the germs in the hallway, lab, people, wheelchairs and the MRI machine. She even was on the verge of cancelling the appointment.

I told her that they are being so diligent in treating patients and wearing robes, giving her a mask, wearing gloves to make her safe when she gives blood, gets tested and exits the hospital.

My advice to her was wouldn’t you want to know if these lesions were growing and that way you would have a handle on your own condition? She said yes. It’s a decision only she can make.

There’s really no risk in going to get tested if they have done everything they can to keep you safe. They assured her that she would be safe that 1 person would take her in and be with her the whole time. She wouldn’t have to touch an elevator button touch a door even touch a chair.

I think she realized that knowing their condition would outweigh the fear that she had of going into the hospital. Go Ardie! Get your tests! Own your health!

I think she will really be happy she chose to go and get the test done. Then she will know what the next steps are. Up the meds? Change the therapies? Now she will know. Bless you Ardie.

Ardie laughing.

Love that girl!

Happy trails.

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